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Can we tell you more about...

...HCS Management Consultants

Well hopefully this site has done that. You can use the sub-pages to find out more about the Solutions we provide to address Subjects or register to Standards across a wide range of Sectors.

This page is more of a catch-all for other explanations and information that we want or need to provide.

Below you will find information about our Terms & Conditions, Photos, Privacy Policy and the services we have relied upon.

...this Web Site

This site was designed in house - not because we are web designers, but because we had a clear vision of what we wanted to achieve and decided it was easier to do it that try and communicate and quality assure it.

We have listed some of the commercial and open source projects we have depended on below.

...Terms and Conditions

All our proposals are prepared in accordance with the Institute of Management Consultants Code of Practice and try to set out the applicable charges, conditions and limitations. Here, however, are a few of our key notes.

...the Photos on the site

Images on the site come from two sources: either 123RF stock photography purchased by HCS Management Consultants with a royalty free license for use or Photography taken by our own personnel, with license granted for use on this site only.

Our own photos have all been taken in a public location where we believe no individual would have an expectation of privacy - if you feature in any of the images and feel to the contrary then please contact us.

Photos and descriptions are provided to illustrate concepts. They in no way imply any endorsement of our services by featured organisations, individuals, venues, places, objects or animals. Though, in general, images tend to be taken in places we happily endorse and we encourage you to visit them.

Where photos are taken in a private location (such as a museum), no money has been paid to the photographer for this purpose and the photographer is using images only for the purpose of promoting their own (non-photography) services. We therefore understand these not to meet the definition of commercial photography as per any admission policy. We have endeavoured to highlight and promote locations where images were captured - if (as a venue) you do not consider this to have been a correct interpretation of your policies or would prefer us to change the wording of any attribution, then please contact us promptly - images and references will be removed or changed on request.

Please do not reuse our photographs. We will seek to recover charges for images used without permission - either for the photographer or venue - at full commercial charging rates.

...the giants whose shoulders you stand on

This site makes use of a few excellent toolkits and services, including:

...privacy and the use of cookies on the site

We use cookies on this site for two reasons:

If you choose to contact us via the webform or clicking a telephone or mailto link then this tracking may allow us to link your history visiting the site to your identity - this will not be used to modify our response to you (the services we offer or pricing) or complete any automated decision making. While you visit the site, we may use automated decision making to vary the content we display or the priority we give to certain content based on you have shown an interest into. This will not be used to make any content inaccessible or change the commercial offer.