HCS Management Consultants

How can we help?

Shouldn't that be the first question a consultant asks you?

We believe that consultancy should be built around the support that you need, not the things we usually do. That's why every HCS project is different, even when we structure it around a standard model like our HCS Express Service for achieving ISO 9001 or transitioning to the 2015 standards.

HCS help businesses in the real world to implement and operate Management Systems that integrate with their business and reflect their needs and values. A Management System helps you to show customers and other interested parties that you understand and can deliver their priorities.

Please bear with us...

We've just updated the HCS Web Site with a whole new image and look. We're not trying to be web designers, but we do want to take control: so we came up with a framework that would allow us to share what we have done and can do for you in a compelling, accessible way.

It's not there yet, but keep checking back as we add content.